Dixie Volunteers

Compassionate Community Service in Southern Utah

Join the movement and participate in our next quarterly community service project…stay tuned for more details!

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Dixie Volunteers is an organization devoted to compassionate community service in Southern Utah. Every year we organize quarterly community service projects to connect volunteers with charitable causes and events.

We believe that a community in which everyone treats every other person with kindness and respect is a good community in which to live. Our aim is to cultivate compassion in everyone, from random acts of kindness to significant service projects.

Dixie Volunteers is also dedicated to teaching children in the classroom about compassion. Through education and training of all people of all ages we believe there will be less bullying, disrespect and violence in our community.

All of our efforts will be coordinated through our Facebook group, so please click here to join so that you can stay up to date on all we are doing.

Thank you for your support and participation!